Duke University Medical Center North Carolina North Carolina Review


In May 1986 A 14 year old minor was admitted to the Hallstead PHSY. Ward at Duke University Medical Center. She remained under the care and “supervision”” of the medical center until August of 1986. During those months sexual contact occured both on the unit and off while out on campus pass with the Units recreational therapist that was married with children unkown at the time. With promises that he would help her and get her out. There was another patient there that was a witness to these contacts while on the unit. A year younger. nWhen released in August if 1986 she continued to see this man off and on until she became pregnant with his child in Feb.1987. Duke made no attempts to settle or admitt wrong doing or even appoligise for their empoyees actions. nThis would never have occured if she was not put into this situation with this employee to begin with. The girls “”mother”” worked for Duke also stating that she was afraid to stir up trouble and have names smeard in the paper as well as loose her job. That was more important to her than correcting a wrong injustice and doing what was right by the girl. The girl still carries emotional baggage and has never forgotten over what happened. nNo Justice was ever served for her. There was no one to look out for her or her best interest and the long term affects that it would have on her life. If this angers you

then see that justice is served so that she can heal. contact: DUMC let them know that the dirty secret is out. nPrivatenNorth Carolina

North CarolinaU.S.A.”

DUMC Durham, North Carolina U.S.A.


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