Empire Real Estate Lawrence Massachusetts Review


This company preys on uneducated home buyers who they try to convince to buy properties they own and that they claim they have fixed up. The truth is the homes they offer are in no better shape for the most part then when they originally bought them other than a cheap coat of paint and not much more but they continue to make claims that these properties they own have been remodeled leading customers to believe they have. The guy George in charge is like a typical used car salesman with a bad qttitude and thinks he is above all and we are all beneath him with the way he talks down to people often calling them stupid for not seeing things the way he wants you to see them and try’s to scare people into purchasing properties from him through intimidation. This guy is a real threat to first time buyers who can be ripped apart by him and his company. This is not only a buyer beware but an industry beware as well. Be safe and avoid this man and company at all cost.

29 South Canal Street Lawrence, Massachusetts United States of America



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