Etsy, Inc. Ocala Florida Review


I bought a tutorial off Etsy. The seller had 100% feedback and had sold the same tutorial. What I got was basic and not worth two dead flies. Now It was a tutorial..though poorly conceived and of extremely limited vlaue, but it was a tutorial I contacted seller and got a polite response sorry it was not to your standards or something.S o I left Negative feedback…explaining that tutorials for the same price are much better written, tested and are of a better value. ETSY NEVER PUBLISHED my feedback,.First I get garbage for a tutorial and then I cant even leave feedback?WHAT a rip-off.I want YOU to know ETSY is a rip off so you do not think the feedback ratings are valid. They are not.To me this is a breach of contract.Don’t bother sending money. If you get junk you cant even complain.That’s a ripoff… 55 Washington Street, Suite 512 Internet United States of America

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