Fleisher Co Review


Fleisher Company gave me false information about the condition of a building in which I purchased a home in 2013. They managed for the HOA of the building, and assured me the building was in good condition and there were no problems, and specifically that signs of water penetration in the unit were from a sprinkler leak, and were not from any problems with the roof. | I purchased the unit and later learned that HOA meeting minutes documented that the although the building was newly built in 2007, there were at least 4 roof leaks as of Jan. 2009, and that this was due to an improperly constructed roof. | I should have done a great deal more due diligence, but Fleisher was either negligent in assuring me the building and roof were fine without even reading their own meeting minutes which they had prepared, or they intentionally lied about the condition of the building. | The HOA and owners had to pay around $50,000 to do a complete replacement of the roof due to it’s improper construction.

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