Frank Thompson Sr. Milwaukee Wisconsin Review


Please stay away from Frank Thompson Sr. He is a roofer that tries to get over on hard working people! He will LIE to you to gain your trust but in the end it’s NOT worth it. He will tell you about his church, his wife and kids, invite you over his house to eat, etc. all the while getting over on you. He will talk you for hours if you let him! nHe overcharges for the work he does. He left my property with shingles all in the yard! He made promises he didn’t keep. He promised he would take care of some side items for me but he never put them on the contract. So in the end you have no defense because it’s not in writing. This man is older but think he’s slicker than oil! nOnce he has your money he will not answer his cell phone. You have to call his house and speak with his wife. Who is very nice by the way. She WILL give him the message but he may or may not call back. He may call back in front of her to prove he is returning the call BUT he will lie to you on the phone and say he’s coming back to clean up the work site and finish the side jobs HE promised to do, but he never does! All of a sudden he’s SO busy and can’t make it back. This man is a HUGE liar!!! He even tried to act like he didn’t know who I was when I left a message with his wife because I used my first name. Give me a break. This man cashed checks with my first name but tried to play dumb. Don’t fall for his games and LIES! You would NEVER think this old man would be sneaky and dishonest but TRUST me he is just that! nHe’s always talking about its hard to keep good workers because all they want to talk about is money and getting paid! Well that’s all he is after, so I don’t know why he think other people want to work for free or until he feels like paying them. He likes to look like the “big man”” around his workers. It’s comical actually. Remember he doesn’t answer his phone after he has the money but every time I went over there as soon as that cell phone rang he answered right away! Trying to look cool. *smh* This man is too old to play these types of games! nBottom line is Frank Thompson Sr. is a pathological liar! If he think there is any chance to get over on you TRUST me he will do it. He talks a good game and you wouldn’t expect any scheming and lying from him but please beware!! It’s not worth it just pay the extra money and get a PROFESSIONAL to do your roofing work. nPrivatenMilwaukee


Sherman Blvd Milwaukee, Wisconsin U.S.A.

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