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I received a flyer from a company called Corprate Travelers (I am filing a complaint about them seperately) On a side note, our company has been getting these flyers for years so I thought they were legit. The flyer was for an all inclusive trip including airfare to Bahamas or Jamaica (my choice) After giving $300 for the package deal, I recevied an email about a week later from Fun Time Vacations. They required $69 per person booking fee, after paying that, then asked for another $50 (not even sure what that was for) and then was told to fill out the vacation request. I requested they give me the locations of the resorts so that I could research and find out which one I would rather go to, and they said they dont provide that info..??? Red flag 1. So I just went onto google and found that more people enjoyed Bahamas. I submitted my request and a few days later got itnerary that had an additional $900 per person fees. Red flag 2. I called them and they said that Corporte Travelers is who i puchased the package from, they just make the arrangements and I would have to call them. So I did. Corporte Travelers said I need to make sure my trip is at least 90 days in advance, fly out on a Tuesday and not within 10 days of a major holiday. So I contacted back Fun Time and they said I had to pay $25 re booking fee. Reluctantly, I did. I submitted a new vacation request and to the letter did what i was instructed to do, as well as provided copies of the documentation from Corp Travelers and cancelled checks showing what I paid for and what I expected. Today, I get back another itenerary with an additional $778.27 per person and am now going back and forth with someone via email telling me that it is during off peak season and that is why its more. I noted that its not and am waiting an actual answer regarding the additional $778. This company is the most difficult company I have ever dealt with and they keep coming up with reasons to add more fees to my trip. Honestly, after googling and looking up flights, I found a round trip flight to bahamas on my dates for $400 and a few resorts that offer all inclusive deals for less than $600. So for $1000 (a few hundred less if I paid their $778) i could book the same trip but probably better because I will know where I am staying, what airline I am traveling with etc. Dont give this company a dime, do yourself a favor, buy a groupon vacation or just reserach and book your own trip. These people are a total racket and I hope someone has the legal ability to stop them from ripping off more people.

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