Gabriela Rincon – Homestead, Florida Florida


My homewrecker story started a few years back in 2011. Gabriela or”Gabby” was an ex girlfriend of my then fiance. They lived together for a few months. He tells me that he broke up with her because she was overbearing and insane. She was desperately trying to get pregnant by him as she does by ALL her boyfriends. He said it was too much and he didn’t see her as wife material so he asked her to move out.  A few weeks later, he met me. We started talking and became inseparable. We developed a very strong bond that even through the hard times in our relationship we have been able to preserve. About a year into our relationship and a little after he proposed to me, he and I hit a rough patch in our relationship because I was very enveloped in my schoolwork. || Education has always been VERY important to me so I selfishly put our relationship on the back burner, that was my mistake.  Even when I would try to do things with him or when I tried to reach out to him it seemed as if he would shut me out. He seemed very preoccupied all the time and became protective of his phone. I started to feel alone in the relationship and doubted that we could actually get married. We had set a date for the wedding and everything. I started becoming paranoid and suspected that something was going on. || One day, my fiance came to my apartment after he had been at the gym and asked to take a shower there. After he got into the shower, I noticed a vibrating sound coming from his gym bag. It was his phone that I had hardly seen recently because he was always hiding it. It kept vibrating over and over again. I gave in and answered it without actually talking. The voice on the other end kept asking,”Hello??” I just knew it was her. || I ended the call and started looking through his text messages. There were THOUSANDS of texts and calls to and from her number. I decided to forward some of the conversations to my email. There were lots of pictures, some naked and a few videos that I chose not to watch. I don’t need the image of her dirty twat in my head for the rest of my life! In their conversations, I could see there were dates where I asked to do something with him, and he was apparently with her getting blow jobs in cars, public places, and at her house. Oh yeah, she lived with her mom at the time, AND her mother KNEW that men would come over and stay the night in her daughter’s room. I guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree?!!? || I was livid!!! I was supposed to marry this man and my relationship was ruined by the slut of Homestead!! I later learned that she has a reputation for whoring around. She knew perfectly well that he was engaged, but she had this fantasy in her mind that she could get pregnant by him, and he’d leave me for good and marry her. She has NO self-esteem or self-respect. She uses every relationship she has as an opportunity to get pregnant, yet is surprised when no one takes her seriously or wants to marry her. || At first, I pretended everything was fine with my fiance. I decided to leave the relationship with a bang. I told him that I had arranged a romantic beach side picnic. He came dressed to the nines with new clothes, a fresh haircut, and he was wearing the cologne I had gotten him for his birthday. After we finished eating, I told him that I had written him something and wanted to share it with him. I took out a sheet of paper with some of their messages and started reading them outloud. The look on his face…PRICELESS! I thought he was going to choke on the grapes he was eating. I told him we were D-O-N-E. I told him to enjoy sleeping with a whore and to lose my number. He started to cry and apologize and gave the speech every man gives when they’re caught,”Sorry, it was a mistake. I love you, please forgive me…etc” I got up, flipped him off, and threw the engagement ring into the Homestead Beach. || To this day, I cannot comprehend how someone could step out of their relationship with an intelligent, goal-oriented, and successful woman to be with an ugly loser who spreads her legs to any guy that says something nice to her. || She has this undeserved sense of accomplishment and an inflated ego, why? I have NO idea! She has literally NEVER accomplised anything EVER, she’s quite unattractive in my opinion, and she gives more free rides than a show pony. If you look up pathetic ugly loser in the dictionary, you’ll see her picture. I’m SURE of it. Did I mention she got my ex’s name tattooed on herself? Yup, I know. She’s a real winner! || After I ended my engagement, she felt proud of her work and somehow got my number and started rubbing it in my face that my fiance and I were no longer together. She even challenged me to a physical fight…yeah going to prison for a man is evidently her style. Lol, pathetic idiot must have thought HE left ME for HER and that I was going to”get in the way” of their relationship. Well, I found out that he did NOT continue seeing her and was quite broken up about me leaving him. Well, too bad! He should of thought of that before throwing out something good to pick up trash. || She needs to be exposed so that other women can be aware of who she really is and because she needs a MAJOR reality check. She thinks she’s God’s gift to man, lol. She believes everyone is a”hater” and that everyone is”jealous” of her and wishes they could be her. Lol, good luck to you Gabriela. You’re a homewrecking cheap ugly whore who needs to be put in your place!

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