GBS Warranty Review


Failure to provide any service. Failure to abide by warranty. Failure to respond to any calls, message, emails. Claim filed 12/2015, still not honored Claim filed early December, 2015. After six weeks had passed, I had not heard from GBS. I called them and they insisted that they had called me on numerous occasions but never left a message. They couldn’t provide me with the number they called and then told me they had closed the claim. After insisting that they fulfill the claim, they opened a new claim and told me it would just be a week or so until someone contacted me. That never happened. | It was now late February and I called again. They finally agreed to put me in touch with a subcontractor who would come to my home and assess the damage. That was March 5th. The subcontractor said the couch cushion was a loss and needed to be replaced. They turned in their report to GBS right away. April and May came and went and whenever I would call periodically but ‘the right person’ was never in and they would take a message–but no,call was ever returned. Then I called in June. Three times in one day. All three times I was treated dismissively. No one would handle my claim. It is now 7 months after I originally filed and they had done nothing, normdidmhteymhave any intention of fulfilling their part of the warranty. I then called the furniture store where I bought the sofa (Woods Furniture, Turlock, CA) and they got involved. They flat out told me that GBS has horrible customer service and it’s almost impossible to get them to handle a claim. They contacted GBS and GBS said they would take care of it, as long as Woods sent them an email with all the details.. | That was June 23rd. I spok with Woods Furniture yesterday, August 20th, and GBS has done nothing for the past two months. We are now 9 months into this claim and they HAVE PROVIDED NOTHING. I do not understand how they can stay in business! How can it take 9 months to replace a simple cushion cover?! They have failed to honor any part of the warranty that I paid for. I have not been able to sit on my sofa all this time and if they cannot make this right, I will sue them for breach of contract and make them replace the entire sofa.

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