Get Out of Debt Guy


Steve Rhodes… Where to begin… | So this guy is something else in that he is out to scam and slander every company out there in order to promote his worthless debt website. Considering that he lacks the inability to succeed on his own merits, he attempts to slander the competition in order to have an opportunity to succeed. | He has called my business several times along with his scam artist partner Mathew Hearn, pretending to be a distressed client just to get information on how other companies succeed. Not only that, but he tries to acquire information in order to slander them on his website. | My company has a software that tracks caller id. I had a call from Matthew Hearn, from MSTARS (Scam), pretending to be a distressed cleint and get information out of me. When I realized who he was, he got angry and agressive with me trying to pry out more information. | Overall, these two are two clowns trying to steal money from innocent people like you. If you do business with them you WILL regret it. Their lies and deceipt will drive you to the ground. | SCAM ARTISTS at their finest. BEWARE!

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