Ghd / Jemella Complaint


After many years’ research and reading hundreds of reviews, I decided to buy a GHD hair straightener keeping in view the quality of the product and it being proclaimed as less damaging for hair, albeit it was very excessive and way beyond my budget. Since one does not get this product in India, it was high on my agenda when I visited UK in 2012. Just so that I buy the best product and the right one, I went to Selfridges and even though I did not want the more expensive limited edition one, got carried away by the sales pitch made by the sales girl (that’s squarely on me, not her fault, obviously she did a great job). I had such high expectations of this straightener but Boy!! I couldn’t be more WRONG! I have thick, straight hair but wavy and frizzy in rainy season. After several minutes of effortful straightening, they seem barely straight but if I spend more than 10 minutes outside, POOF my hair frizz right back up. VERY DISAPPOINTED and wondering how has the company managed such good word of mouth. Though I have barely used the iron but have been stuck with it having spent a bomb on it.

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