Giogeos Fine Jewelry New Jersey Review


These people are very good salesmen, and until you hand over your money you may like a lot the service and the expertise offered. But beware – after the deposit is made, you will never be able to recover it, regardless whether or not you’ll receive an item ordered. nThe store seems just a front operation – they do not make the jewelry themselves but rather “send it to the factory””. I wanted a custom made item and paid 50% upfront. The salesperson who took the order assured me that they would deliver a great result

and if I am not satisfied they would work with me until I am completely happy. When some time later I came to pick up the item (with the second half of my deposit)

the fun part began. I was shown some thing of subpar quality that didn’t even match what was ordered (later they admitted a misunderstanding when sending the order to the “”factory””)

and when I politely explained that this was not the item I ordered

they accussed me of lying and told me that I was “”stuck with my order”” and wouldn’t get my deposit back or be able to exchange the order. nIt took me going back a number of times and talking to three different persons

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