Gold Medal Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric, Yatrofsky Plumbing And Heating Newark New Jersey Review


Short story on my first encounter with Yatrofsky Plumbing, now known as Gold Medal Plumbing Heating Cooling Electric. nChapter 1 nThree years ago my company had a high end kitchen remodel in South Brunswick. While the work was in progress the Homeowner asked if I could also repair, at a later date, a ceiling where a leaking tub above had damaged the sheetrock to the point where the ceiling had collapsed. I agreed to handle the repair after he had his own plumber find and fix the leak. nAbout a week later I arrived to find the homeowner in a state of, lets say… disgusted fury. He explained that it was going to cost him $2,200.00 to fix what on it’s face seemed to be a minor leak. nBeing a little familiar with these type of problems, I asked to see his estimate. I don’t recall the exact work to be done or the materials specified but it amounted to a full replacement of shower diverter, a remodel plate to hide the damage caused by the repair, and a new drain and overflow assembly. nI’ve done enough home renovations and repairs to know my way around most any residential plumbing problem. After seeing the estimate called for a replacement of any and all possible leak sources, I offered to look at it myself for the homeowner, with whom I had a very good rapport, as I myself was not just a little perturbed at what looked like a scam at birth. nThree minutes, a short ladder, a running tub and shower, and a small flashlight later, I had had a good enough look at the problem to make this offer to the Homeowner. nI said, “Hector

I can fix that for you

but it won’t be until tomorrow night as I’m just a little busy till then. I’m gonna charge you $250 and if I can’t fix it in less than two hours I’ll do it for free””. nAs the leak was small

there were two other bathrooms in the home and it had been leaking for over two weeks already

there was no urgency for this to be done on the spot

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