Goodson Acura Review


Fails to disclose body repair done in-house. | I purchased a 2016 Certified Pre-Owned MDX with 2,500 miles. I was sold this car as being “better than new” as it came with the extended warranty of CPOs but was for all intensive arguments a new car. I asked numerous times if anything was wrong with the car and was repeatedly told no. | I was given “Certified” paperwork showing the car was up to Acura CPO standards and that the only work done by Goodson Acura was an oil change, tire rotation, and detailing. 36 hours after delivery, I had a friend paint meter the paint to discover repair work had been done to the front fender. | Initially I was told by Goodson they did not know anything about the repair work. Then I was told they did know about it, they had actually repainted both the fender and bumper in house, but it was “just a scratch” that was repaired. When I pushed back to that explanation and pointed out that the fender and bumper were no longer aligned, I was then told it had been involved in a collision in a parking lot. | Not only was I intentionally deceived about what I was purchasing, the repair work that was done was deleted from their invoicing system so it would not detail on the invoice they gave me, although the two codes for the repair work do show up under deleted operations. I was further lied to about this invoice being the “reconditioning repair order” that is supposed to accompany the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle 182 Point Inspection Checklist and never given the actual required form as it would have detailed the repair work, something that was being hid from me. I was also given a Carfax they knew to be inaccurate as it did not list the repairs they did in-house. To add insult to injury, when confronted with their failure to disclose the damage, I was continually lied to until they were backed in a corner and had to fess up. | As a loyal Acura owner for over a decade, I thought I could trust the dealers charged to uphold Acura standards. The Acura Certified Pre-Owned Program is touted as one of the best in the industry but is based on the honor system. Simply put, Goodson Acura does not follow the program rules. This is very disappointing.

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