Guaranty Bank


Well, first of all, I put in a dispute requests that took place on my card that I did not authorize and the customer service representative told me today that it did not add up what I was saying and the dispute was denied, so I am left with $300 and something fee that I did not cause. I feel like it is not right and I am not going to pay for something I didn’t do and I told the agent that and he told me that I was going to either pay the fee or it would be reported to collections. I let the agent know that I only did the fee from wing factory. I also stated that I would like to close my account and he stated that I would be charged a $25.00 fee for that. How are you going to charge for closing my account? If I would have known they were like that I would have never did business with them. These people need to be shut down because they are some crooks.

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