Hali A. – Albany, Georgia Georgia


Hali A. has no issue trying to use married men to her advantage. In the workforce, in her personal life. It doesn’t matter if the man has a baby on the way, a wife that miscarried less than a year ago, or friends who she has already screwed over. If you have money and an open heart, she will let you pay her bills and her buy her drugs. She will use you to her every advantage and then pretend to be pregnant with your kid less than a month after your wife gives birth to your actual baby! She uses her boyfriends to threaten and cause emotional damage in her wake. She has caused one divorce, two miscarriages, one early birth, and one hell of a shit show. She will make you lose your job by telling your managers that you’ve done illicit things in their business. She will find your wife’s phone number, befriend her, and then tell her she is better off dead so she can “have your husband”.

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