Heartland RVs


We have a Heartland Gateway that literally fell apart driving down the road in Maine this past July. The frame is badly bent and twisted, there is a large crack/hole in the wall on one side and 3 cracks on the other side. The floors and walls are separating. It is no longer safe to tow and is stranded in Maine unusable. We could have been killed towing this or injured someone else on the road. An RV we paid a lot of money for (and still owe money on) was totaled and useless after 3.5 years. Our insurance said it is totaled due to frame failure, but Heartland refuses to do anything to help. Initially they told us to bring the RV to Indiana from Maine so they could inspect it. This was after we already told them it is unsafe to tow. | They finally agreed to send an inspector to look at it, but his report was so clearly biased as to take any responsibility off of Heartland. He claimed we hit a tree, which is not true. | All they want to do is continue to shift the blame to either us or our insurance company. An RV really should not fall apart after just 3.5 years. A company who cares about their customer and stands behind their product should step up and help when something this out of the ordinary happens.

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