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Can a Crooked Web Host Company Hold an Online Business Hostage? Yes they Can and It”s Happening to My Mother”s Real Estate Company Now A crooked Web Hosting company can, at any time, claim that you are spamming and suspend your website or blog so that it is not view-able online by anyone. A crooked Web Host can prevent you from retrieving back up files of your website or blog to prevent you from moving your website or blog to another web host. In fact that is exactly what is happening to my mother with her real estate blogs right now. The crooked Web Hosting company I am referring to is: HostForWeb We discovered over a month ago that they had suspended our real estate blogs. We then contacted – and asked them why they did this. They claimed that we were using the blogs to send spam, which of course is ludicrous. The reality is that our site was hacked into because they were unable to protect our blogs from hackers. The hackers then proceeded to send spam from our blogs. But HostForWeb did not care about reality or the truth, they just ignored all of our emails and all the support tickets we opened to try to resolve the issue. They had no desire whatsoever to resolve our pressing problem. We had a Live Chat with one of their employees and he told us that since we had an ongoing support ticket open, that he could not help us and that we had to contact their support ticket department. But their support ticket department had stopped responding to us and still does not respond to our messages to this day. We then called – on the phone and spoke with an employee (he had a Russian accent). The customer support employee assured us that he would un-suspend our blogs, which never happened. I then emailed the president of HostForWeb and so far, he has not responded. So the bottom line is that HostForWeb is punishing us for their inability and failure to protect our blogs from hackers and they are in effect, holding our blogs hostage. We are losing potential website visitors and real estate clients and we are losing the confidence of our existing real estate clients, and very possibly losing real estate sales, due to their actions and refusal to resolve our problem. We spoke to HostForWeb and told them that we would like to access our blog files on their server so that we can move our blogs to another web host; they have not responded. But they have sent us a new bill to renew our service for another year with them. When we ignore their renewal emails as we try to resolve this problem that they created for us, they then threatened to delete all of our blog files that we have hosted on their server if we do not pay up soon. Our blogs that they have suspended that are inaccessible are located here: So again, a crooked web host can, at any time, hold an online business hostage and create lost business, lost sales and the loss of confidence in the business from clients or customers. And they can even delete all your online data if you refuse to continue to pay them for their mafia like crooked services. So choose the web host company you hire very carefully.

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