and World Jewelry Outlet ( Indianapolis Indiana Review

H is a SCAM! They say their jewelry is certified as new and fine jewelry. And that satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when in reality all they are doing is stealing your money! I bought, what I thought was a 10kt yellow gold bracelet with diamonds and rubies. I went to a jewelry store within 3 days of receiving because when I did receive it, it looked nothing like the picture and looked very.. very cheap. When the jeweler examined it, they tested it right in front of me and explained what the tests would tell them. The scratch test with the “gold”” revealed that in fact

it was NOT gold. Not even gold plated! The rubies were no more than the play gems you would glue onto your shirts. The diamonds

needless to say.. were fake as well. They had their “”ACA”” certifications

and come to find out

ACA is run BY and aren’t even a registered company that you can contact! You cannot verify what their findings were with a 2nd opinion! On the actual “”certification card”” (if you want to call it that) it said: “”Conclusion: New and finely crafted jewelry with all genuine materials as described””. It’s estimated replacement value was said to be $1

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