Howe’s Auto Services Review


After building a new motor for my vehicle, I took it to howe’s on the advise of a friend. It needed to be hooked up to a computer to set the timing and placement of the distributor. I also had him put in the plugs, wires and oil, as he was supposed to break in the motor also. I had the truck towed from his shop because the power steering was not working, so I was not able to see how the truck ran. after replacing the pump, I adjusted my valves. In the proccess of adjusting the valves I noticed the distributor was not bolted down and had moved. I called and talked to the owner and was told ” it couldnt have moved much, get it started and bring it up. he of all people should have known it now needed to be put back on a computer to run. I ended up having it towed to another shop, where I was told the distributor was never done right in the first place. I was never offered a tow back to howes or much of a solution. My fiancee called to complain and was meet with rude hostility. dont be fooled by the smiling faces, they are not the good hearted people they present themselves to be.

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