Hype Shoes Silver Spring Maryland Review


I recently bought a pair of HYPE shoes while visiting Los Angeles. Let me start off by saying I LOVED the shoes (at first). They were so cute and pretty comfortable for heels. I had worn them twice before and got nothing but compliments on them. I went to put them on for the third time and began walking to work. As I was walking the short 2 blocks to my job, my shoes started to feel funny. IT BROKE!!! How can a shoe break after 2 times being worn. Neither time did I wear them for more than a few hours! nI was so disappointed that my “favorite”” shoes broke I decided to take action. I planned to locate the company and write a very disgruntled letter. Well…..after hours of research I could not locate the company location or website. They seem to only go through thier vendors. As I searched the internet I found numerous claims from other dissatisfied customers stating the same type of problems (shoes breaking on the first night of wear

heels coming off

straps poppiing

etc.). nThis wouldnt be such a big deal if the shoes weren’t so expensive. Now I am stuck at work with broken shoes. How am I going to get home with no shoes???!!!??? I just feel cheated

as do many others. All I wanted was to write the company and voice my dissatisfaction

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