I do not wish to visit this place again.


Health is my first and utmost priority to live a good and successful life. I always try to have a checkup to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and always track the amount of nutrients level in my body and ensure that my body is getting a sufficient amount of good calories. To prevent any future problems, I also consult a doctor from a good institute. If I talk about myself, whenever I face a health issue problem I become slightly more careful about it and want to consult one of the best doctors in town especially when itís about hygiene problem. Whenever I visit a dental clinic I expect the staff to be nice and friendly with me and they should make me comfortable when I am receiving the treatment. As I am a health-conscious person I also ensure that I am consulting one of the best clinics in town, but once my experienced went horrible and I want to tell you that there are some clinics in town who claim to provide one of the best services but this isnít the case, they just want your money without any regard for your health. The dental clinics should make sure that they are not serving to one segment only but every other person can face dental problems so they should make sure that they cater to every one of them. One of the dental clinics which I had a horrible experience with was Smile by White, it is dental located at Hudson and Northfield Center. I do not wish to visit this facility again ever again in my life because of the way I was treated there. The staff of the dental clinic was horrible as they were rude and showed b attitude to me. Their customer service was also poor, also during the treatment; the doctor was so rough with me that my mouth was in pain for the next 2 days. I want to share my experience with all of you because I donít want to you go through the pain which I went through. I booked an appointment with Smiles by White, but due to some work I called them again and ask them to reschedule my appointment, the guy on the other line was so rude with me and gave me harsh reply, and told me that I had to pay an additional fee since I was my rescheduling my appointment. I could not think of anything but well anyway I decided to go for it since my insurance company has a better rating for this. Well on the day of treatment I was greeted by one of the doctors who seem nice but during the procedure of cleaning, the doctor was so rough with me and he grabbed my jaw so tightly that it almost soared for the next 2 night as I couldnít eat anything properly. All the claims made by Smile by White have been unable to satisfy me and they couldnít deliver quality services to me.

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