Intellitec Medical Institute/Todd Matthews Colorado Springs Colorado


Complaint: The admissions staff regularly sells programs to unsuspecting students that are useless and have no value. After pushing to have you sign up for student loans to pay for their high admisions fees and tuition, you are given a worthless degree that does NOT enable you to get a job as they promise. The market is flooded with people receiving these degrees and there are very little jobs available for these “degrees””. Meantime a student is burdened with high student loans to pay back and no means to pay it back. IMI constantly fires it staff members because they get tired of lying to these young unsuspecting people. It is a shame. Few people last in emmployment there because of the underhanded methods by their “”director”” Todd Matthews. Go somewhere else to school. Go to a real school and get a real degree that has value.”

Tags: Sales People

Address: 6805 Corporate Dr Colorado Springs, Colorado USA


Phone: 719-596-7400

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