J.C. PENNEYS oxford Georgia Review


I have been a JC Penney customer for over 20 years. I have alsways paid my bill on time. They changed my due date to the first of the month. I did not look at my bill because my the earliest due date has always been the 5th of the month or later. So I make sure to pay by the 4th of each month with online bill pay. JC Penney changed my due date to the 1st on August, 2009 and have been charging me $39 late fee since August and my interest rate is now 39%. I contacted JC Penney and told them this was just a rip off and they were just trying to take my money. The person who answerd the phone said, OH WELL. This new due date made my payment only two days late. This is an additional $200 added to my account that I owed $300. Soon as I pay this off, I will cancel my JC Penney credit card and NEVER go to a JC Penney store again. This is a very heartless way to treat a valued customer.

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