Jackie Havy – Peoria, Arizona Arizona


My husband was looking for some property to buy when he came acrossed this woman. Jackie Havy, she is a realtor here in town. After meeting with her and being shown the property, he decided the property was not for him. A few days later he received at text from this woman talking about how handsome he was. My husband infringed her he was not interested and that he was married. Throughout out the next week her texts became more and more crazy, she was telling him that she was in love with him. He once again shot down her advances, then she became crazy telling my husband that she was going to get a hold of his wife (me) and tell her that his wife has been cheating. This is when received a barrage of texts from this woman. I asked for proof and she sent me texts that my husband had supposedly sent her. There was the problem. One of the texts she said he sent was one supposedly saying he was coming over. Yes it did seem like it was from his number, but there was one problem. The text he had supposedly sent was on a date that my husband and I were both in Pittsburgh. I confronted her about this and never heard from her again. We did contact the realtor that she worked for and we hope she lost her license. Stay away if you ever get shown a house from her!!!!

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