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Well around October/November 2012 I started noticing that my husband started working later and later. Sometimes not coming home till 2/3am. I would say something but it just turned into a fight. I know sometimes he did work late but that late?? Come on now. || So the holidays come around and he’s acting all weird, I couldn’t put my finger on it. So finally Christmas Eve 2012 we go to my cousin’s house to celebrate. He stays in the garage the whole time (no smoking in the house). We were having drinks and playing cards out there as well. So I go out there and he’s on the phone, I’m like who are you talking to?? He says his buddy, im like ok. So we go home, he is drunk and goes passes out with the twins. I had to wrap all the gifts by myself and sleep by myself. Not a happy camper. The next day we go to my aunt’s and he stays in my uncle’s room the whole time. We get home I’m like whats wrong?? Hes says nothing. I had a feelin somethin was goin on just couldnt figure it out. So the day after Christmas he goes to work and I’m like ok I’m leavin to my parents for a few days so we can figure this out. So I take my three children and go to my parents. He acts like he doesn’t care. The following day we have a concert to go to (one of our favorites,had seem them a few times before), he says he doesn’t want to go and that our oldest son can go. I’m like are you sure?? He says yeah I’ve seen them before and our son hasn’t, he can go. I’m like weird, but ok. New Year’s Eve I call him and ask him if he wants to come hang out with me and the boys, he says no I’m going to hang out with my dad. Mind you, he hasn’t seen the kids in a few days. I’m like ok whatever. So now we’ve been at my parents a little awhile and we’ve been in contact. I keep asking him what’s wrong, why don’t you care that your family is gone?? Hes says he doesn’t know what’s wrong, it’s him, he’s trying to find himself  (after 6 years of marriage). || This continues for months. He lost our house in the meantime so I had to go get all mine and the children’s things. So he tells me he’s living with a buddy in an apartment. Well that didn’t work out so he moves in with friends of ours. Then I find out he got hurt at work. Had several dr appointments and I’m like do you want me to come with you?? He’s like no I’m fine. Hmmmm. So he’s been to see me a couple of times being intimate (he’s seen and taken the kids a few times) but nothing has changed in our relationship. I just keep hearing lies about why he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. Then finally in one of our conversations he tells me he doesn’t love me anymore. I am heartbroken!! So we quit talking for awhile. Then I get this text from my cousin telling me I need to come over and talk. Little did I know all hell’s about to break loose and I’m about to find out my whole world is about to crushed by finding out what he’s really been doing. I get to my cousin’s and she tells me he’s been cheating on me and has a girlfriend. I’m like wtf, how do you know?? He’s been seen with her and he’s taken her to my cousin’s neighbor’s house. I’m hearin all the gory details. She’s been to my house,stayed the night there, been in my car, stopping by his job sites bringing him lunch, going to see him when he was working out of town and staying at the hotel with him. She was the one he was talking to on Christmas eve telling her I had the kids and he was all alone,that she would go and spend time with him and be around my kids at our friends house he was staying at. The night he moved out if there he came to see me and stayed the night. The next morning he’s calling her while he’s sitting on my porch. That she was there at the hospital and drs. When he got hurt at work,that that’s why he didn’t want me there. || Come to find out he’s been seeing her for months at this point. Now they’ve been together 2 years and have a baby together. All the while technically still married to me. I can’t afford a divorce sadly.

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