Jasmyne Brown – Houston/Katy, Texas Texas


I remember the first time I saw her name pop up on his phone. I asked him who she was, he responded,”this girl who has a crush on me that won’t leave me alone.” I asked him why a”girl” had his number. He said she got it from his business page. At that time, I was pregnant with our first son and trusted him. I did search for her on social networking sites and found her and felt I had no reason to worry based off of the way she carried herself and the way she looked.  Fast forward to March of this year. I created an instagram account to keep up with all of my pictures and with family. I followed my family, and different people from my husband’s work page. || When I login one day to post a picture of the baby, I see a picture of him as this Jasmyne’s #mcm. (which means man crush monday) At first I thought to myself,”how cute, she has a little crush on an older man.” but when I scrolled down, it said more. Something along the lines of,”I would tag him but he knows how jealouse I get.” Yes, I know, she even spelled jealouse wrong, That’s when my mind started racing. How on earth would the man I love, the man I have a son with, a man I have a home with, know that she gets jealous? || I then went and found her on facebook again. I sent her a message, I know pretty remedial on my behalf… And she showed her true colors quick. He was right about her being ugly, but I think he was referring to her lack of physical beauty. No, she is ugly from the inside out. She told me they had been meeting in a hotel since the previous year January in a motel while I was pregnant with our son, she told me if I was doing everything right he wouldn’t be meeting her in a hotel in the first place. She then claimed that she should have known they weren’t monogamous based off of the fact that he never did anything with her but take her to a motel and never brought her home. Seems like a contradiction seeing how first she tells me she’s been seeing him since I was pregnant, and then faults herself for feeling stupid that she thought they were monogamous. || So, which one is it? She knew exactly who I was and wanted exactly what I had. She harassed me for a while, called me blocked, repeatedly told me she wasn’t going anywhere. She told me she didn’t know about me and he said that I was lying. Excuse me? Please note the house. Please note the child. She’s an idiot, a trashy, no-class, loose-wall idiot. She posts things often with his name and hearts. Mind you, I called her from his phone multiple times letting her know that messing with my family isn’t nothing she wants. || She hasn’t stopped to this day. He still denies everything about her. Has called her every name but pretty. He has told me she is just a pathetic, ugly young girl who won’t stop. It’s just too much for me. I have never been raised to tolerate nonsense of this nature. I have been raised to always be kind and to carry myself with class. Everybody wasn’t raised that way obviously. But he was right about one thing, she truly is pathetic. I’ll continue to pray for her.

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