Jerel Gibson, Ashley Miranda, Toni Jones – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


This female, knew me and my SO of 12 years were married. He has my name on his neck big as day, I have his and those names have been on our necks for years. My SO played chess with her on and off again drug dealing boyfriend at the hub. She knew of me and that we lived together etc, this tramp even made my Rueben sandwiches for me in which I complained about the orange sauce as I do not like it. Anyways she proceeded to chase my husband and he in turn played it out (trust he got his) she gave him head in the Subway restroom while on the clock, smoked crack (yes crack they both did-he claimed he fell into a trap one day-um yeah right). All the while he was coming home to me everyday, making love (or rather f**king to be blunt) to me then off to her where she would kiss my juices off his face, regardless she knew he was married that did not stop neither one of them. I began putting things together when I found a message from her in his archived box one of which stated I cant wait to see you in the A.M. which started all of this coming out. I confronted her at first she denied it then I found a visa gift card and happened to go online and check the balance on it and lo and behold whose name was registered to it?… yes Toni Jones, so I confronted her again with the card and finally she admitted it. By this time our son had some pressing issues in Florida and needed one of us, my husband was better to go. I contacted him and asked him about the card that is when he started getting antsy and his voice raising so I knew something more was to it, I asked point blank ” Are you f**king her”, he said she gave him head and went into detail about the time and place (subway downtown bathroom while on her break) he apologized you name it and wanted to work things out, after about a week I noticed I had something going on that was not right as I know my body, well long story short health department, STD check, yep the big C, she gave him chlamydia, so I reported both names hers- Toni Jones and his Jerel Gibson, got my antibiotics, then I contacted him he denied screwing her but that eventually came out and he came clean with it, needless to say he still has not been to get checked and in fact both of them are knowingly spreading at least Chlamydia to others, Toni Jones to others in Dayton Ohio and Jerel Gibson to others in both Orange Park Florida and Jacksonville Florida oh but wait it gets better!!! I will make this short my husband was also messing with one of them her name is Ashley Miranda, she is such a tramp, my sons’ neighbor and his wife told me about it and I got it confirmed throw hacking which I do best his phone, email and social accounts. So yeah she also of course knew he was married and supposedly trying to make his marriage work, but he wasn’t. She is most likely infected as well. needless to say my son kicked him out after that and he is staying at the Super 8 on Youngerman circle doing what he knows best (if you look him up you can find that info out for yourself). The story gets deeper but nevertheless he is out of my life as no matter how hard it hurts or much it has destroyed me (his ride or die for sooooooooooo many years) I have to let go… UPDATE She is pregnant with his child, he has since had another female Rhonda Richardson who is literally a prostitute for heroin and crack for him and her and presently they both are in the Jacksonville Fl jail looking at some heavy time, so yeah been done with that but had to make it known…

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