La Corsha Hospitality Group east lansing Michigan


Complaint: I was recently fired from a restaurant where I worked for three and a half years. It was a real shock, but I have know for some time that the General Manager has not liked me. She practises favoritism with the schedule (which generally comes out 30-15 hrs before it starts) as well as assigning sections. I was fired because I entered a tip in incorrectly and the customer complained. It was my understanding that the house policy was to enter a tip if you could not find or if the customer took the slip, with the caveat that you would have to pay it back if they called. I was never given a verbal warning or told that the policy had changed. I also was written up for something that many other employees have done and not been written up for. In fact I think I am the only one who has been written up. I also have developed health problems while working there the past three years. I now have sciatica, hypertension, anxiety and TMJ. I got a doctor’s note so I could wear clogs instead of CONVERSE which are hideous to wait tables in. I also was told by a manager to “just take drugs”” when I complained of back spasms. My medical issues are well documented with my doctor. Lastly

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Address: we are not in charge of our own tips. we get a paycheck every two weeks

Website: as well as cruel. I have seen the owner/ operations manager very intoxicated while “”working”” on several occasions. I have also filed a complaint with the Texas workforce Commission

Phone: and sometimes they are not accurate. When employees complained the management told them “”you make enough money””. I understand the need for tip out but there was little to no transparency

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