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Complaint: Lastarya Tucker has a long history of prostitution, fraud & theft. Lastarya Tucker is from Houma Louisiana and now working as a prostitute as follows:5501 Tullis Dr #14-104 New Orleans, LAShe Shes Gentlemens Club 9000 chef hwy, New Orleans, LA 70127 (504) 241-0380Lastarys begin sexually coercing men for money and stripping at a very young age. Shortly after Lastarya begin working as a prostitute.Lastarya now works as a stripper and prostitute and is known to have slept with numerous men including many local business men, celebrities and athletes.Lastarya Tucker is well known for her large behind which is artificially enhanced with medical injections. Lastarya Tuckers breasts are also artificially enhanced with implants. Other enhancements Lastarya Tuckers wears are colored contacts, hair weaves and hair wigs.Lastarya Tucker has been involved in several fraudulent scams. Lastarya sexually coerces men for money. Lastarya Tucker has been known to perform sexual acts for as little as $20. Because of the low prices many men have had sex with Lastarya.Although Lastarya has been involved in many sexually explicit productions she does not have an adult business of her own. Lastarya does not have a job a supports herself solely through sex, sexual acts, adult entertainment and sexual coercion.Lastarya Tucker is without conscience and morals and willing to do anything for her love of money. Without an education Lastarya’s options have been limited to stripping, adult entertainment, prostitution or fraud through sexual coercion.Anyone considering doing business with Lastarya Tucker should be advised of high risk of sexual coercion, fraud and theft.

Tags: Prostitutes

Address: 5501 Tullis Dr 14-104 New Orleans, Louisiana United States of America



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