Laurus College Complaint


Date of incident: 4/25/2016 Client number: (disability claim number): [protected] Description of incident: my name is dale h. okpik, i am a service connected 70% disabled veteran with ptsd. i was terminated by laurus college on 03/11/2016 because they stated that my communication skills were lacking while on my 90 day probationary period. they did not pay me my final pay until 03/16/2016. they knew i had ptsd and still terminated my employment. while being employed there i was intimidated by a staff member named len cole several times where i filed complaints with my supervisor steven marshall but, nothing was done. i finally filed a claim for disability with the state of california through the edd recognizing that my behavior was based on the ptsd issues i deal with. i filed on 04/04/2016 electronically. i had my medical practitioner at the santa maria va clinic fill out the de 2501 (physician/practitioner certificate) and i personally mailed it to: state of california, employment development, po box 989777, west sacramento, ca [protected] on 4/13/2016. i called in this morning and the technician was hurtful and rude. i am contacting my state of california senator, bill monning: San luis obispo district office 1026 palm street, suite 201 San luis obispo, ca 93401 Phone: [protected] Fax: [protected] I contacted the district office and was told that a representative would contact me to assist me with my issue with the edd of california. Furthermore: my treatment at laurus college was completely disrespectful, unwarranted and out of line with no regards to the americans with disability act. additionally, i want to add that we pay taxes to the state of california however; they do not serve us as public servants as they should with respect and dignity. i am very hurt, in shock and in disbelief that i, a combat service connected 70% disable veteran am being treated this way. Desirable resolution: to obtain state of california disability and to have laurus college admit to wrong doing and pay my for lost wages.

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