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11340 Lakefield Dr
Johns Creek, GA 30097
You will be billed under the name of Lavino
They run ads on the internet for free samples of face and eye cream. There is no mention that if you want these they will charge your credit card $94 approx a month within 14 days. If you go to cancel, they will ding you $38 and $32 for the two products. Today they have dinged my bank account for 4.95 twice, 5.95 twice and 32.71 and they are still at it. I canceled receiving their samples within 10 minutes of ordering them and received their cancellation notice but they said too bad I have to take them and review them. What a scam. It seems they erase any negative comments on their site, so you never get the truth of peoples experiences. I cannot believe a company can force people into taking their crappy products even if you do not want them and forcing you to pay for them by charging your card without your authorization. I did not authorize any of this. And now they are charging me for their samples twice and their cancellation charges twice. They rope you into thinking it is a free sample costing 4.95 for shipping for eye cream and 4.95 for the face cream. They claim Dr. Oz supports it but he does not. Their whole web page is a lie and the pictures are fake and from other sites doing the same thing. This company is criminal and they never say a word about you being roped into a membership when you are ordering their samples. BEWARE this is a BIG SCAM.. I demand All my money back and they be shut down. Stay away

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