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The company known as Inderma, Maxmuscle,NNM Aloe Vera Organic,Skincream – all using the same phone number 8445177273 are nothing but a scam to get your credit card. They give you no information about returning their products then charge you anywhere from $89.95 to anything they can squeeze from your account. I’m not charged for insufficient funds, but they tried all kinds of different amounts when they couldn’t get the 89. After complaining yesterday, I was told, all would be refunded. Instead, at 4 this morning they robbbed me of another 89.95. Bethanie, L dissavowed any record of my previous call from today says 2 of them will be refunded, but I must FAX my bank account information to the main office to receive further reimbursement. I assume the office is low on toilet paper. Anyone who wants to alleviate their toilet paper shortage should FAX them at . Do not buy from them .

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