Marketplace Homes Review


When I signed a contract to engage them to find a tenant for my property in Vallejo, California, they agreed to find a single-family for $1310 Finder & Marketing fee. They found a non-profit organization to occupy my house instead of a single-family after two months of marking online. | They sent me a report for me to sign to approve the tenant, in that report they said they did a background check on the tenant and collected all necessary income verification documents for the tenant. I trusted the Marketplace Homes report and allowed the tenant to move into my 2600 sq. ft. house with a market value of $700,000. | When I asked the Marketplace Homes to supply me with the background check report and income verification statements they said their policy is not to share those documents with the homeowner. I didn’t suspect anything and went ahead with handing over the keys to the tenant. | Within a short time, I noticed the tenant was filing various unusual home repair requests and getting late in their utility and rental payments. That prompted me to do a background check on the tenant myself and noticed they had several evictions in the past and they don’t have steady income rather depends on raising funds to pay their bills. | Asked again the Marketplace Homes to send me the rental application and other documents supplied by the tenant during the application process. Noticed they falsified their monthly income as $66,000 and never bothered to fill any details about their past eviction records. Marketplace Homes didn’t notice not only the application form was incomplete but also fail to verify the income. | Because of gross negligence of Marketplace Homes and lack of quality of service and not full-filling their contractual agreement with me, I sustained $23,000 financial loss due to the unpaid rent, repair cost, lawyer fee to evict the tenant from my house. | In addition to the obvious financial loss by letting a delinquent tenant live in my house, I sustained other immeasurable losses because of the physical and mental stresses of this experience and loss of my income during the eviction process and also during the tenant’s occupation of my house. All these could have been avoided if the Marketplace Homes were not negligent in their screening process.


  • Name: Marketplace Homes
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Livonia
  • Address: 17197 N Laurel Park Dr #340
  • Phone: (800) 331-0646
  • Website:

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