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Complaint: On December 13, 2016, I contracted with Mastercraft remodeling and repair. I did not work directly with the contractor but an employee that was sent to explain the contract and discuss the scope of work. At the time, I did not think much of the fact that I was not speaking directly to the contractor because I was informed this is how they operated. I did get his license number and his phone number just in case. The contract was for a full reno. I told them that I would purchase all materials for the job. For the first materials buy, I was giving a list to get the material delivered to the property; however, after that large buy, I did not receive lists. Rather, I would get calls when the contractor was at Home Depot and I would just pay by phone. After awhile, I noticed that I was paying a lot for lumber so I decided to reach out to a licensed contractor to get an idea if I was purchasing the correct amount of material. When he reviewed my receipts and came to the property he was appalled by the amount of material that was purchased for a small home. Most of the material, was opened and portions had already been used. Therefore, there was no returning. Additionally, there was over 100 pieces of unaccounted lumber. I had two licensed contractors confirm the amount of lumber needed and they actually counted the material since the walls were open and accounted generously for waste. When I confronted the contractor and his employee about the unaccounted material, they were angry and denied taking any material from the job site. Mr. Barrios Villafuente was often extremely rude when I would ask about the project and wanted needed to be done. He had gone into the property and assessed before contracting with me for the total renovation and upon opening the walls he stated that he need more money even though it was quite clear my roof and siding was extremely old and showed signs of water damage. He then told me that he would not allow my Project Manager to oversee the project and blantly stated that if the Project Manager came around that he would leave the jobsite. When I would ask questions about the job he would rudely tell me to contact him employee, who I might add is not a licensed contractor. He would tell me that I needed materials ASAP just to have it sit around. It appeared that he was angry that I decided to purchase my own material. He told me that he would get all of the permits for the electrical, plumbing and AC. He told me that I needed to pay for the building permit, which I did. I found out from my Project Manager that the permits were not pulled for the plumbing, AC and electrical. Although, the electrical, plumbing and HVAC was being replaced. I was told that fines could be assessed and my job would be put to a halt. For the approximate month working with this contractor, I was totally stressed out because I needed my work to be done and never got answers regarding the unaccounted labor totalling approximately $800. I later found out that although material was ordered to frame in the entire house, they had made a decision to drywall over existing plaster walls. However, I was told that the material that was bought was to frame in the enitre house. Later, I got a call stating that they need more material to frame up the plaster walls because the electrician had made too many holes in the walls. So, the nerve of the contractor and his employee to not explain the unaccounted material but then to turn around and request $600 worth of additional material. They show pics of the work the have done but off course you don’t see behind the walls and the sloppy workmanship. The Project Manager and several other contractors that came to the property to measure windows, etc. commented on the lack of pride in their work. All of the framing was croaked and the window installer could not even measure the windows…..and yes, they refused to measure the windows. I wasted an entire day from work and the window installer could not even measure. The electrical wiring was sloppy and plumbing was shotty. I would see BEWARE of this company and don’t be fooled by finished pictures. They take short cuts, are dishonest and left my job without completing. I am left to finish the inspection, which was built into their estimates and never got the electrical permit and I suspect it’s because the contractors were not licensed and the plumbing permit had a different name than the actual person doing the work. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND STAY AWAY.

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