Michael Hill International Complaint


A week ago, i gave in my resume to the Michael Hill at Westfield Carousal. The Manager of the store named Mr Paul, called me for an interview the following day. When i went for the interview, he requested me to go to Dome (Coffee Shop) and have the interview there (it seemed unusual but i had to agree). The interview went on for at least an hour until my mother came and asked when it will end. He replied to my mother that it will take another 10minutes. When my mother left, he asked me “Does your mother stay with you all the time?” I was confused as to why he asked me such question but i answered that when i start to work, she wont be with me. I didn”t know why he asked me that question because obviously during work hours, she wont be with me. It seemed mysterious. He then decided that he will take me for the job and agreed to train me. The day after the interview, i got a call from Michael Hill requesting to bring my TFN and account number e.t.c. I agreed to bring in the information that was requested by them tomorrow. On the next day, when i went to the store, the manager said that they aren”t going to take me for the job. I was really upset because i was expecting the job and the day before i went in, i rejected the job that Toys r us offered me the week before. I asked him why he wasn”t going to take me for the job. He replied as i know what you are trying to say but we already hired someone else. This didn”t seem fair after taking a very long interview and i also missed the opportunity at working at Toys r us and also he didn”t give a reasonable reason for not taking me for the job. There was nothing much i would”ve done at that time but i would love to complain about this extremely bad behaviour especially from a manager and that from Australian no.1 Jewelry store. The store is located at the Food court at Westfield Carousal.

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