Michael Wade Review


This guy needs professional help; he gave me the impression he really wanted to help make repairs to my parents home – when the job was almost complete and I added additional work (that he was not required to do) he turned mean ! Scary! When I was not doing what he wanted me to do, he would give me the silent treatment! I caught him painting (which is what he was hired to do) in women’s underwear – the paint job is so sloppy, that it has to be redone! He ended up leaving all the doors off and the baseboards and shutters and stealing a lot of old momentous of my fathers, along with his fishing equipment and lots of tools. He took the hardware and brand new knobs for all the doors I have left to hang. The guy can fix anything but his hours are kooky – he woke me up sanding the hardwood floors at 4 AM – who does that? Beware of this handyman !


  • Name: Michael Wade
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Camarillo
  • Address: 2271 Dunnigan St
  • Phone: 805-426-6068
  • Website:

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