MiKO Plastic Surgery Review


This doctor and his fourth wife who has two children from two unknown men and now just gave birth to their first child together came to beverly hills to find fame and fortune at the expense of others. He has developed a nonprofit entity called restore and has his public relations people promote him as a philanthropic person. ((Redacted ridiculous and false text. scamion is leaving the rest of the text togive you an idea on how ridiculous this report is. ))) | This image of a “nice guy” is just a front to get people to help him for free, give him money and give him things. In fact right in front of me he admitted to friends that he had taken a thousand dollar donation to his charity and bought himself some things with it! he also admitted that he stole surgical supplies from a local hospitals to do surgery in his own clinic; he called it an “early christmas bonus”!! he also admitted that he was stealing patients from his morning job at “lifestyle lift” in beverly hills to bring them into his own office in beverly hills. | Well, just be aware. Let’s stop these swindlers and criminals who come to los angeles to steal, cheat, betray and get rich at our expense. Please let the authorities know so that he does get investigated! once a criminal and a cheat, always a criminal and a cheat! i would never recommend a penny of donation to his charity. Do not volunteer to work for him or to help him. Stay away from his office and his knife! we can’t trust a criminal like dr. Michael k. Obeng.


  • Name: MiKO Plastic Surgery
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Beverly Hills
  • Address: 435 N Roxbury Dr Suite 205
  • Phone: 1 310-275-2705
  • Website: www.mikoplasticsurgery.com/

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