My Flower Gift Review


Take care guys, it is a Scam. I placed an order of a fruit basket worth 3000 INR. I didnt get the delivery on time. So i called them back and asked about my delivery. They replied that the person went for delivery but he couldnt reach the house. Also the phone was not reachable. Which is a complete non sense as we were there all the time at home. Then they said that all the fruits have gone bad and they cannot deliver on the next day also. They replaced the fruit basket (worth 3000 INR) with a small local cake and 10 roses. Total price of cake + flowers would be maximum 500 INR. When I called them back to ask for money, they were really rude and they cut the call saying nothing can be done now. Stay away from such scams guys. My mistake was I didn’t research enough before placing the order. Thanks

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