NuWave Cincinnati Ohio Review


I purchased 2 NuWave induction cooktops. I paid close to $60 in shipping and one of the three payments for a total of close to $100 to get them. The next month, the second payment was deducted and the same for the third month and that was all I owed them. Yesterday I’m looking at my bank account and there is a deduction from NuWave for another $33.33 THAT I DO NOT OWE THEM. I contacted my bank and they suggested I get new a debit/credit card number so they can’t continue to charge me. In the meantime, I’m out $33.33. I wrote to the email address provided on their website. One did not work at all, came back undeliverable. The other one has not been answered in 48 hours. I’m not expecting any answer at all. They’re posting fraudulent charges and they know it. Just be aware before buying from them. BTW – my cooktops work just fine. The learning curve can be steep though!

1755 N. Butterfield Road Libertyville, Illinois USA

(877) 689-2838


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