Ny Medical Health Care: Golyan Bijan DO Review


They, together, are using the practice of medicine for the sole purpose of lining their pockets regardless of their patient’s welfare or health. The physician brothers over-diagnose and over-treat their patients while sending them for the utmost possible number of tests. The tests are conducted with their own equipment by technicians who work for them. The non-physician brother, Kourosh David Golyan, sends in the claims and invoices made by their brothers while using algorithms to seek the utmost compensation for services provided or imagined. Kourosh Golyan even sends false claims for patients who are dying – the family is often preoccupied with their loved one – or he sends in claims for the recently deceased (sometime in between their death and before insurance agencies are notified). The amount charged to patients is often so high that many patients’ insurance agencies do not reimburse the full amount. The difference is charged to the patients. Kourosh Golyan along with an array of billers and debt collectors (whether licensed or not) initially sends letters with outstanding balances and payment plans included. The patient is also notified repeatedly over the phone by the debt collectors regarding their medical bill. The debt collector may later visit the patient at their workplace, home, or follow them anywhere. The interactions between the hired debt collectors and the patients are usually confrontational and can be seen as intimidation or harassment. Patients are often sued, who may also countersue, and usually settle to an amount that is part of the outrageously enormous bill. Overall, the way medicine is practice by the Golyan brothers is one centered on accumulating the most profit possible by any means necessary. They often order coronary angiograms, perform colonoscopies, or administer therapies or tests that are either not indicated, unnecessary, or not the standard of care. As a result of engaging in various unrelated investments, the physicians have diluted their attention, which should be focused solely on the health of their patients, to manage those investments. Patients will often be waiting outside or even within the Golyans’ office while hearing their physician discuss unrelated financial matters in the voice of a Wall Street floor trader. The Golyan physicians have egregiously mixed patient-centered evidence-based-medicine with an extremely greedy profit-seeking outlook, to the detriment of their patients’ wellbeing. One of their cases against their own patient: newyorkconsumerprotection.com/documents/Douyon-Order-Granting-Motion-to-Reconsider-In-Part-9-26-13.pdf UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK ————————————————————–X GABRIELLE DOUYON, Plaintiff, MEMORANDUM AND ORDER – against – CV 10-3983 (AKT) NY MEDICAL HEALTH CARE, P.C., SEYMOUR SCHNEIDER, a/k/a SY SCHNEIDER, KOUROSH GOLYAN, a/k/a DAVID GOLYAN, NATHAN KHAIMOV, FARAIDOON DANIEL GOLYAN, M.D., Defendants Voicemail from debt collector: The Court found uncontroverted evidence that Defendant Schneider threatened to arrest Plaintiff in a voicemail stating: (Undecipherable) appreciate necessarily (Undecipherable) by coming out to your house with the uh doctors. I知 gonna be at your place tomorrow, at your employment and I知 gonna see about coming with the sheriff and have you arrested. You want to play games and I知 gonna play the same game and I知 gonna be the winner. Patient: “[W]hen I知 driving if in fact somebody is tailgating me I知 kind of concerned [because Schneider] left a message he knows how to handle people like me. I知 afraid to take the elevator. I知 afraid to do anything. I was just afraid. I feel as if I was being threatened, that somebody would come and shoot me one day, maybe tomorrow. The way that he expressed himself that he knows, he knows how to handle people like me. He痴 used to that and he痴 always come out a winner.”

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