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For all current and previous Ocwen customers, i’ve started a Whitehouse.gov petition to investigate Ocwen’s deceptive loan practices, illegal foreclosures, loan modification denials/illegal changes to previous loan modifications, HAMP denials, communication break downs, horrible customer services and customer distress. Please feel free to add your name to the petition, the more signatures we get the better. Whitehouse.gov Petition Link: petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/investigate-ocwen-llc-deceptive-practices-predatory-loans-and-illegal-foreclosures-homeowners/5Bl1P703 The more people that sign the petition the better we can start to raise awareness at the thousand of homeowners experiencing issues with this company. If doesn’t hurt to set off some warning bells and hold their feet to the fire.

12001 Science Dr, Orlando, FL 32826 Texas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Texas USA


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