radio shack Blaine Washington Review


Went in my local radio shack before christmas was looking at a boost phone a warp 4g was on sale for 99.99 unfortunatly they were out at that time. went back into the store today 12/27/2013 phone was still on sale ask the assoicate if they had any he went the back room came back with one. rang it up came too 143 and change i told him the display says 99.99 he went over took a look grabbed the diplay tag told me the sale was over and there is nothing that can be done. i told him no thanks and left the store. went back a short tiem later to talk to a manager spoke again to matt who informed that the manger just left and no one could help me i asked who was in charge he replied no one but if i had a complaint i was welcome to call the buisness office and he handed me a card i left the store called the office and started to explain i got interupted by matt who again told me there is nothing i could do for me and there was no manger there (so why give me the card and tell me to call) this is not the first time at this store

1 BELLIS FAIR MALL #712 Bellingham, Washington USA

(360) 671-8003

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