Ray’s Instant Tax Service Complaint


Complaint Description: Bank of Texas Ref: Account # [protected] “Ray’s Instant Tax Service” Branch Manager Felicia Hensel, from the First Colony branch (3665 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, TX 77478), made a decision to close my account on May 2, 2012 because she felt there was fraud. She claims that the Operations Department concluded that there was fraud and did not want to do business with us any longer. I was contacted about 2 months earlier by Ms. Ashley Augustine (Assistant Branch Manager), who was explained the details of our business and how I legally operate it. She concluded that there was no fraud, and was comfortable with the structure of the business. This is a Tax Company, we receive tax refunds from the IRS, belonging to clients that have filled out forms giving us authorization to file their taxes for a fee (ie. Jackson Hewitt, H & R Block, Colbert Ball, etc.), in order to receive their funds sooner. Ms. Hensel felt that this was not an appropriate way to run a business. My business partner and I first went to the McKinney Branch, where I was informed that my account was placed in “Credits Only” status, and that we should receive deposits but cannot write checks, nor make withdrawals. However, by the time we made it to the First Colony Branch (30 minutes later), we found that the account had already been closed with no notification. She said they sent a letter in the mail and that our business was no longer wanted there. We were very upset, however, we kept it civil. She still decided she did not want to resolve anything, and insisted that we refused to comply with their requests to give more information about structure and operation of the business. We had all documents and files in hand and ready to plead our case. Unfortunately, she said it was too late, and that we needed to leave the premises before she called security. So my business partner called the police to be there in our defense. We have the entire conversation recorded and we informed Ms. Hensel that we were going to do so. This matter caused us to inconvenience many clients whose refunds were scheduled to be deposited on this day. Ms. Hensel said that security told her that we were not welcome there any longer, that she should print us a Cashier’s Check, and demanded that we leave. The police officer (Officer Nguyen) stayed back and talked to Ms. Hensel, and proceeded to meet us in the parking lot. He said Ms. Hensel was hostile, and that we should seek business elsewhere. This was injustice, it was unfair, and their reason for denying our business was not justified. We have all the paperwork to prove that we are legal and legitimate, and we were not given an opportunity to prove that we were not fraud. Currently there’s a negative balance of ($34.50) due to a client’s check returning. I have talked to Dun Pry on May 3, 2012, and her attitude was very nonchallant, her response was we did not need to call them anymore sice they decided not to do business with us any longer. I e-mailed and called the President of the Company, Dal Gives and spoke with the Secretary (the same day). Jennie (Secretary) seemed to be concerned and said this behavior was not acceptable and she would give my information to the President, who would call me when she got in. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear from anyone.. I feel this incident was discriminatory because I talked to another small business owner of my same race, who was treated the same way. Account closed because they felt they were having too many transactions. I realize that a bank can close your account for any reason, but they gave us a reason and the reason was that Felicia Hensel felt our account was fraud because our tax company was receiving income tax deposits for our clients from the IRS. Again they refused to look at our paperwork and closed our account with no warning. We also have a copy of the trancsript of the conversation with Ashley Augusitne (Assistant Branch Manager), explaining the structure of our business.

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