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We purchased a Nikon D5000 with extra VR 55-200 lense for $900+. We were told we had 10 days to return the camera if we were dissatisfied and would receive full refund, however, the camera and accessories would have to be put away as neatly as when purchased and we did this. We paid $549 with our debit card and $360 cash. We tried out the camera and decided we wanted to go more Pro. We took the camera back to Ritz Camera in Frankfort, IL, everything perfectly intact. They put our money back on our debit card (will be there in a few days) but our $360 cash was not returned. Their policy is: They sent a request to their Corporate Head Office in Maryland to have your “cash” refunded by check. You have to wait 10 – 15 business days ~ atleast 3 weeks ~ (if all goes well) to get a check from their Corporate Office in Maryland. So, if you buy cash from Ritz Camera, be prepared not to see your money for nearly a month if you return it. So, we left the store without our full refund, unlike what we were told when we bought the camera (that we would receive a full refund if we return the camera within 10 days). We will “never” ever ever do business with Ritz Camera again. They did NOT tell us they would keep our cash. Bad service!!! Buyer Beware!!!

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