Samra Knezevic


I own an assisted living home on the northwest side of Tucson Arizona. In November of 2020 I employed a person by the name of Samra Knezevic to work in my assisted living home as a nurse taking care of the residents. Within a week I started receiving complaints from the residents that they were being mistreated and abused by Samra Knezevic. The residents complain that Samra Knezevic was calling them names, using curse words at them and when they needed their diapers changed she would leave them in soiled clothing for hours on end. Then the complaints came in about how the residents personal belongings were disappearing, primarily money and jewelry which later on there was substantial evidence pointing towards Samra Knezevic. I myself am partly to blame because I didn’t run a thorough background check on her prior to employment, but afterwards I did and I found out that she had worked at a local hospital in Tucson Arizona and that she had been fired because of patient abuse and theft of patients belongings including their medications. What a nightmare this is turned out to be for me but now I’ve I am rid of Samra Knezevic and I’m going to be visiting Tucson Police to find out if there are any criminal charges I can bring against her. Please spare yourself the aggravation and heed this warning that if you hire Samra you will be sorry.

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