Shaw Financial Incorporated Review


I received a letter addressed and sent to my deceased mother but forwarded to my address. There was no return address on the envelope. The envelope was mailed from south africa. Inside there was a letter from shaw financial incoporoated. There was a claim number on the letter and the letter provided addresses for offices in los angeles, us; capetown, south africa; dublin, ireland and london, united kingdom. The prize was offiered from the european, african and usa consumer sweepstake. In conjunction with usa departmental stores. I immediately suspected a scam when there was a check for $3950 to provide funds for paying the processing fee of $3650. What i found extremely interesting was that the check was a citibank n.A check for the acount of aetna life insurne company in el paso, tx. This lent some legitimacy to the look but i still suspected it to be a scam. I did not follow the instructions but hope that my posting will stop a less suspicious consumer. The address in el paso, tx was correct for the aetna life, except that the p.O. Box was one digit off. The address on the check for citibank was also correct showing penn’s way, new castle, deleware. I think i will also report this to both aetna and citibank to see if they can pursue this in anyway. Thanks for reading.

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