Skinfly/Lyle Howry Review


Skinfly entertainment and lyle howry is a scammer fake producer, who borrows and steals money, even from rod stewart’s son sean stewart. They promised and promised to pay but it’s been years many of us are still waiting. The company is fake and the producer lyle howry is incompetent of putting together a budget for a kindergarten birthday party. We gave up 30 days of ourlife to make a movie on promises and didn’t even get the week we worked paid for. Only the week when we were off. No per diem and no food provided for more than 3 weeks. Don’t work for lyle howry he is an imbecile and a person of poor character and morals. He cheats people and tells them he’s a big star. He laid for a verified page on instagram and followers. If you look at his videos the views don’t match the number of followers. Watch out for him!


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