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Complaint: Capital Ltd. is one of the ompany names of a company using SKY*EDBLOCKER for their billing information to sell a product called Evermax. The product is a diet supplement that is sent through the mail as a free offer but after 30 days they will start charging you a monthly fee of $89.78 unless you cancel the product. If you suffer from high blood pressure it is not a good idea to try this product because it contains ingredients that will increase the heart rate etc. I learned this after reading the list of ingredients and called the company to tell them I could not use the product. A salesperso told me I would need a number to return the merchandise and since I had not used it I could count on a refund of $89.78 after it was returned. I returned it paying the return shipping charges and received no word. I even called to ask if they had received it but no one could confirm, so I waited for some time to have the money re-credited to my card, which it was not. I then truned it in to my bank as a fraudulent transaction and they credited me the $89.78. No one told me at the time it would be only temporary, however. Several months went by and the company disputed the transaction from my bank and they sent a letter to me stating i needed to fax a response or call a toll-free number. I had been busy with other stuff so I did not make the deadline date, they took the money out of my account, making me overdrawn! I contacted them the next day and they said the company had disputed my dispute and that the $89.78 charge was justified, even though I returned the product so it could be sold again! This made me look bad in front of my banking rep., who suggested I call them on my own to get the money refunded, yet there had been sufficient time gone by, and no company name was given. There was a number listed in the Dallas.TX area, yet every person had Indian accents! After I explained the situation, these reps (I talked to a supervisor too) said because I had taken out a complaint with my bank, they were the ones to refund the $89.78 charge because my card was frozen! I warned them about what I could do but they stood steadfast against crediting me that money, so they had both the money and the product to sell again! No one else should have to deal with business practices like this. I am reporting this because many companies are marketing dangerous products to consumers online and through the mail. This seems such a company and you do not want to deal with one that is more concerend with making money than that their product is safe. Only a doctor has the ability to judge, but more of these are introduced to the public everyday. Do whatever is necessary to put these rip-off companies out of business, and beware of special free offers on products that do not list their ingredients until received in the mail, and you will pay the shiping on them each time.

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