Sports 55 Columbia South Carolina Review


We ordered from January 2011. My order was over $2500 for team shirts, shorts, visors, coozies, and pants. I recieved the shirts as promised. However, the quality of the shirts was questionable. Regardless, we were happy we received them timely. nWe have now been waiting over a year for our visors and pants. I have been following up with Sports 55 regularly, and they keep telling me that I should receive them in a week or two. Promises, promises. nI finally received an email from Nick, the sales manager, who said he would offer us a deal if we ordered team uniforms again, that they would “eat some of the cost.”” Yeah right

like my team would order anything from them again and wait another year. And then

he still wanted us to pay for a part of them. nNO WAY! Sports 55 LIE and STEAL! I have asked all of my area directors for their support in getting my team a REFUND for the items that were promised and UNFULFILLED. Sports55 just gives me and my team the run around. DO NOT order from this company

unless you want to wait a year

and maybe never even receive your stuff for your team. By then

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