Sterling Jewelers Complaint


A good one is for mark light to go undercover and get the truth about what goes on in the store level about how people are really treated…For 5.5 years i spent time with sterling as a sales asoociate, 3rd key, asst mgr and as a store manager only to have a Dm just deicde one day to end my time as a well organized store manager …because people lie and and undercut at ever step of the way… I was told for no one reason i had my keys taken away and the store was given to another store manager that i worked in the district with for several years…he came in and lo to behold started being [censored]eful as he could to me…then it became obvious that they wanted me out ..i was told i didnt fit in and didnt know how to sell even tho i had always good standards…the store is a marks and morgan…well it got worse everday i was being accused of something and hollered at…at the time i was 65 and so it became apparently that the manager assigned to the store was to make life as miserable as possible that i would eventually just leave, i even toold a person in human resources … so i just ending up quitting and being on retirement… so now am 66 and wandering around in the market place with all this sales exp 30 plus years wow who knew ..even after i got my 5 year letter from mark light i told my dm how excited i was to have my 5 year anniversary and the letter and gift ..his comment was uh no big deal its just preprinted…i had lots of good acquaintances at the home office and else where in the company but yet still couldnt measure up to some people who abviously thought i ha dseen my better days…oh by the way the week prior to giving notice i had sold almost 12000 at a show one day but yet still told i didnt fit in..never had a bad inventory or failed a audit except in the end when someone had made sure that my employee number would show up on a report that would fail…i read about on line about about how good they are to work for well believe me its not that good they want you gone are gone…period no matter

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